ピラティス Pilates

Physically weak person like me who hated sports started to move 5 years ago.

 I started Kaatsu training plus Pilates as well about 2 years ago.

If you work too hard only on outer muscle exercise, You get possibility to hurt your muscle.

Myself who doesn't have an image of sports at all started Pilates seemed weird to everyone, and they were so surprised.

When you think of Pilates, most of them think as "an Exercise for Dancers" or it's done by celebrities but not many people know that it was born as "rehabilitation of soldiers".

Pilates is a program for better body mechanism based on Eastern and Western philosophy created by Joseph Pilates.

この方です。This is him.

Joe(Joseph Pilates)who was born in Germany was a physically very weak and to overcome his illness, He started to exercise and He became healthy as he could model for illustration of anatomy.

When WWⅠ happened, Joe helped out wounded soldiers and developed Pilates as rehabilitation exercise which is patients can be practiced on their bed.

Exercise is done like this on bed.

Pilates gives you various effect by Alignment,by Lateral Breathing,by training internal muscle around your belly such as Rectus abdominis,Transversus abdominis,Abdominal internal oblique and Abdominal external oblique.

Effect I felt by practicing was better posture,improvement of belly muscle, core stability,fat reduction and muscle building and better digestion.

I tried practicing pilates on bed to see the effect while I wasn't able to move around after surgery.

Modification of "One Leg Circle" which bend one leg and the other leg won't be put too high to make circles.

When I got up from bed, or when I laid back on bed again, I did Spinal Articulation.

I interpret that my fast recovery comes from the effect of Pilates by my own.

I agree to my friend who is a pilates instructor said to me "It might have some meaning for you to have learned Pilates."

Although I didn't know that I was going to be in the hospital by illness before, Knowledge of Pilates worked out in various scene such as surgery etc...so,I am glad about it.

By that surgery, I bet my Abdominal internal oblique, Abdominal external oblique and probably Transversus Abdominis were cut.

When I sneeze, My left side of stomach area feel strange still, so, It might take me some time to train hard but I'd like to start little by little.

Just in case, for those of you who had interest in taking Pilates lessons in Japan...

"Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty not only to attain it but to maintain it".-Joseph Pilates